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Sakura Super-Visual - Vaporwave T-Shirt
Sadie Jarvis (Barnstaple, GB)
Such a gorgeous tee

I absolutely LOVE my new tee. The heathered green is stunning and the design is awesome. Such bright colours and a super cool design. Will definitely get more Iced Tea stuff.

MIKASA (Cruel World) - Anime Hoodie
Miguel Rodriguez (Panorama City, US)
Great Fit

The hoodie was very comfy and it was shipped very quickly. Would recommend buying.

Death (2 Colors) - Aesthetic T-Shirt
Michael Lopez (Antioch, US)
Love the shirts

Not sure why it says they sent my order out 21days ago. I placed the order on the 8th received the shirts on the 26th they where shipped on the 23rd lol. But that said love the shirts, love the quality, will definitely buy from them again soon!

DEATH (死) - Cyberpunk T-Shirt
Sleepwalker (Kuwait City, KW)
Loved it!

I instantly put this shirt in my shopping cart when I saw the print.. AND IT WAS WORTH IT :D!

Knives - Anime T-Shirt
Sleepwalker (Kuwait City, KW)
Loved it!

Cool shirt and print. Stick to your size guys :D

Sleepwalker (Kuwait City, KW)
Loved it!

I absolutely love the shirt :D Stick to your size btw.

Jotaro - Jojo Anime T-Shirt
Mira (Evansville, US)
Flaking design

I really love the design on this shirt, however I've had issue with other companies that use Canvas shirts for their art that have had the design peel off entirely, and sure enough after only a couple of wearings this one's formed a few breaks in the design where the printing peeled off

KIKI (SAS) - Anime T-Shirt
Jan Čonka (Plandry, CZ)
i love it

its a great quality shirt and i love the design i really recommend it

Sakura wonder

Absolutely stunning design by Vaporwave. It's the Sakura season so a must buy from Spring 2020.

Quality of shirt and print is exceptional and incredibly comfortable fit.

Sakura LOFI - Face Mask
Anonymous (Limerick, IE)
Sakura LOFI - Face Mask

Very good :)

HOPE 望む - Aesthetic Hoodie
Pedro Martins (Lisbon, PT)
Very happy

Good quality hoodies, arrived within the set ETA, and they fit perfectly.

Mecha Levi Rad Af

I got the Levi (Cyborg) sweatshirt in red. I absolutely love it! The inside is super soft and the quality of the printing is awesome! Can’t wait to order more!

Death (ROSE) - Aesthetic Sweater
Kiera Baker (Shrewsbury, GB)
Love this jumper!

The jumper is so soft and comfy, sizing was great and looks pretty too. Also didn't shrink in the wash like other brands so I've very happy with it.

Freedom フリーダム - Aesthetic Sweater

DEATH - Aesthetic Sweater
Adam (Queensferry, GB)
High Quality

Very nice print, great quality and lovely material for maximum comfort!

DEATH - Aesthetic Sweater
Adam (Queensferry, GB)

The material is great quality, as is the print. Super happy!

GODZILLA (FRONT) - Kaiju Hoodie
Brett Beacon (Brisbane, AU)
Great design, Amazing material.

After receiving my order in the mail, i was excited to try them on, i really enjoyed picking out the different designs, really unique and something different to my other cloths. The material the hoodies and tshirts are made of is really top quality and feels nice to wear, the sizing was spot on and fit me with ease. Very happy with my purchase and i will be ordering more in the future!

Joseph Acosta (Bellflower, US)
3 headed comfort

The shirt is printed on very comfortable material. Although the design would probably bring discomfort and a nice circular sweat stain in hot weather, it’s a cool design that would wow even the leads Kaiju enthusiast.

GODZILLA (RELIC) - Kaiju T-Shirt
Ryan Mego (Flagstaff, US)
Love it

Absolutely love the shirt, Godzilla is the best kaiju!

Life & Death, Incredible Satisfaction

Everything from the comfort to the quality of the print is perfectly satisfactory.
Just as advertised and extremely well delivered. Didn't even experience any issues with shipping.
Straight 🔥.

Crybaby - Pastel T-Shirt
Hugo Bang (Malmo, SE)
Crybaby review

I love the fit of the actual t-shirt, the past once I've bought have been in M and felt a bit tight around the neck
but I bought an L size and it fits perfectly and I LOVE the design, gives off lofi vibes

HISOKA (NEON) - Cyberpunk Anime T-Shirt
Michael M. (West Chester, US)
Shirt Review

I think I've ordered about 7 or 8 shirts from you guys now, and I've been really happy with everything thus far. I didn't expect anything from my first order because almost every ad for something I get on facebook ends up being trash, but I've been pleasantly surprised at the quality of your products. I knew the designs fit my taste, but I thought the shirt materials themselves would be low quality and get destroyed in the wash. I'm really happy with them though, they fit really nicely and are comfortable with no signs of wear through multiple wash cycles. Designs are also dope as always, safe to say I'll be a customer in the future as well.

MIKASA Cruel World - Anime T-Shirt
Gabriele Piras (Paderno Dugnano, IT)
High quality



I love these shirts so much the material is so soft, they're perfect!

Death (ROSE) - Aesthetic Sweater
Ronja (Kamloops, CA)
New favourite sweater

I love this sweater it fits perfect and its so comfy, I plan on ordering many more things I love all the aesthetic of this store!