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Ambassador Programs

Alright, alright - we get it. You wanna be a part of Iced Tea. You wanna represent.

We love that, and we appreciate your support and your spirit to promote us.

Now, we here at Iced Tea Aesthetics have always aided and assisted and stood by artists, cosplayers, influencers, bloggers, models and fashion enthusiasts. We're a bunch of young people running this place too, and we understand that it's hard out there - and we want to work with you together and build a bigger, better and a stronger community.


To thank you, and to collectively work towards the one true goal, that is, for everyone to have high quality, cost effective anime streetwear made exclusively for you, and by you - we present the Iced Tea Brand Ambassador Program!

Just get in touch with us if you want to be part of it! Here are the details :

  • Get in touch with us if you have a high engagement IG or Twitter account, with a minimum of 5,000 followers! But don't worry, if you have lesser than that, we will personally check your reach and see if you are a good match. Unfortunately, we cannot offer it to everyone except people related to our industry/company, in general. If you are an artist, model, cosplayer, influencer or a blogger, you have a wayyyy higher chance to get accepted.
  • Being able to make decent quality videos and HQ photos of yourself wearing the merch/representing us is a big requirement to be a part of this program. You also agree to let us use your content and tag you in it (if you want), if we proceed use it.

Well, I guess that's about it! Super simple and easy - all we want is you to rep our epic anime streetwear and spread the word! We do send you free goodies and a personal code so that your fans may use it while making a purchase - and if you pass our trial test - which basically is to test if you're a good long term match - we work on more intense collabs!

Our trial test is also fairly easy to pass if you have an engaging fanbase - If more than 3 people use your code while purchasing merch on our website, buckle up, cuz then you're an official Iced Tea Aesthetics ambassador!


So, are you ready? Get in touch ASAP via our IG or FB! <3